Guilt is really an interesting thing. People feel it differently, to different extents, and at different times in their lives. Some feel it daily, some not too often. Teachers always have that “one student”… “Maybe I should have tried harder with him/her”. There’s national guilt…. “What have we done as a nation and how in the world have we gotten to this horrible  point?!” And then there’s stupid guilt “what if I hurt that tree branch when I ran into it”. But the worst kind of guilt is the kind you feel over a loved one. Parents in particular know what I’m talking about.

I recently spoke to a friend who confided in me that a loved one was suffering with something. She came asking for friendly advice and a wall to bounce thoughts off of. ( I make a good wall). 

One thing I didn’t say to this person was something I really wish I would have, and I dearly hope they are reading this blog post so they at least hear it now. 

I can feel your guilt. You think you should have seen this. You think you should have known your loved one was suffering so badly. And you want to help but don’t know how which is adding to the guilt. 

Don’t feel guilty. Guilt doesn’t fix things. It immobilizes you. It sends you into shock. It puts the focus on you (not saying a guilty person is self-centered, but you catch my drift).

You look at your guilt, you forgive yourself, and you move on. 

If you’re dealing with a person who is struggling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, guilt can come into play. “Maybe I should have asked how they we’re doing more” “Maybe I should have hung out with them more” ” Maybe I should have paid more attention”.

Who knows, maybe you should have. But that’s not the point. How could you have known. You know now so you ask Jesus for forgiveness, which he has already given to you in full, and you forgive yourself.

Guilt can be so over powering no matter what the source. That’s why you always ask Jesus to take those burdens. We live guilt-free because of him and what he has done for us, after all.

I am not a doctor or physician, but I consulted both before starting my journey. If you need help consult the professionals immediately! I have no training. The professionals do and they are there to help!



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