Last night I sat on my mother-in-law’s porch looking at the beautiful countryside and pondered. Different thoughts were going through my head about the day, weekend, upcoming races, peanut butter, what-say-you; but finally I landed on a topic that occupied my thoughts for quite some time.

Today is Independence Day. I’m a mom now. How do I convey the importance of Independence Day to my daughter and any future children God may bless my husband and me with? 

As some may know, my husband is in the military and in a couple weeks we will be saying goodbye to him for awhile. He will be stateside so the fear of overseas work does not present itself, but for the next several years we won’t be seeing much of him. How do I explain this to my child? How do I explain why this should make her proud?

Independence Day set us apart from the rest of the colonial west. We said no to forceful control. 

The Bill of Rights says no to blocking out our freedom of worship. In a time now-a-days where we face tightening legalities, it is hard for Christians to stand up and calmly say “Solus Christus.” As we grow older, as we become more aware of the world, our own temptations, and the work that needs to be done, we can look at Independence Day and see it as a gift from God. He has given us the opportunity to work and fight for this freedom. Praise be to God that we didn’t have to work and fight for our heavenly freedom. It was given to us. But it was bought at the price. That price was the perfect blood of Christ. He did it FOR US. So that we could enjoy eternal freedom in Heaven.

Our Freedom in America was bought at a price. The price of those who stepped forward to say they are willing to lay their lives down. 

How do I convey the importance of our freedom and how we have it?

Little one, our true freedom is in heaven with Jesus. Our time on earth is a gift that should be spent worshipping him and telling others about this freedom given to us. We are so blessed to live in a land where our faith WILL NOT be taken from us. We have men and women who are willing to die for you so you can utilize your freedom appropriately. We should be proud of our freedom. And we should be proud of being American. And we should most importantly be proud of being Christian.IMG_1145-0


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