Post 3 of 3: Now is the Time to Seize the Day


Mic drop.


Anyway……..The time has come to get down to it. I have been writing a short series in an attempt to explain the connection between our mental health, spiritual health, and physical health.

Post 1 showed you that our overall health as Christians is similar to a solar system. Jesus always needs to be at the CENTER!

Post 2 showed you the need to buckle down on your physical health if you want to improve your mental health.

Post 3 will show you a plan to get your entire “Solar System” on track!

It’s all well and good to talk these points to death. Just kidding. It isn’t. Talking about turning your health around won’t actually give you the benefits of, you know, ACTUALLY turning your health around. So let’s buckle down and make a plan.

If you are anything like me, you need to have a plan set in place before accomplishing even the most minute tasks, otherwise you won’t actually stick to it. So far I just happen to be the only one of the Darling sisters that has the biggest issue with stick-to-it-iveness. I don’t know why. But I think lack of a serious plan might play a role. Either that or the “constantly being pregnant” thing. And the “getting really sick while pregnant” thing. Or the “husband is always gone” thing. Or the “I’m just really stinking tired because I am a mom and never have enough sleep” thing. Or the “I’m an INFJ personality and I basically feel that any and everything in this temporary world besides spiritual health is utterly meaningless so what’s the point” thing. Should I go on? Fine, I’ll stop. You get my point. I have a lot of excuses. So do you. Some are entirely valid. Others, not so much. But you and I are going to take 30 days and set those on a shelf in a deep dark closet in our brain with a big fat lock on it (Hahaha. “Fat lock.” Pun totally unintended but hilarious!). I will officially be starting July 1. I suggest you take a few days to prepare yourself, your family, and your pantry for a health overhaul. Take some time to research, find devotional books and hymns, and get your plan into place.

Our plan will incorporate the three main components addressed in my little rant: Spiritual health, physical health, and mental health. So here is what we are going to do:

  • Pray to Jesus.
  • Reset our bodies by eating only clean, whole foods for 30 days.
  • Strengthen our bodies, minds, and self-image by exercising every weekday.
  • Read daily devotions.
  • Pray to Jesus out loud.
  • Learn a new hymn or hymn verse weekly or monthly.
  • Intentionalize POSITIVE time with our spouses and friends to maintain avenues of open communication.
  • Pray to Jesus with your children.
  • Cut out the negative. Please. For everyone’s sake. It is toxic.
  • Pray to Jesus with your spouse.
  • Supplement with vitamins and minerals.
  • Drink LOTS and LOTS of water.
  • Also: pray to Jesus.

I will be sticking to a mostly Whole30 nutrition plan, although I will also incorporate Isagenix into my daily eating. Truth be told, there really is no such thing as “mostly Whole30.” That doesn’t exist. Whole30 is an amazing way to reset your body and listen to what it is telling you to eat and NOT to eat. That being said I already know that I DO NOT do well without my Ionix Supreme and Isa-Lean shakes. But if you are wanting to buckle down and learn something about your body and food in general, go Whole30. All the way, baby. Rent the book or check out their website. Totally worth while.

Now, I know this looks a wee bit daunting. So lets take it one step at a time.

  1. Print out this monthly calendar and weekly schedule to have in front of you daily. calendar image
  2. Fill in 3 meals per day for every day of your 30 days. No need to get detailed, just give yourself a general menu so you can stick to a plan and make grocery lists a little easier. Each meal must be compliant with Whole30 guidelines. No cheats!
  3. Also write in a number to show either how many miles you will run, how many minutes you will spend exercising, how many circuits, how many (insert other exercise-y words here). Side note: if you are starting from scratch and haven’t done any exercising or healthy eating in a loooooong time, start with eating right. Exercise will just fall right into place later. FOCUS ON FOOD.
  4. Schedule, at the very LEAST, 3 dates with your spouse and 1 outing with friends into your month. Write it in and don’t cancel! At home dates are todes fine. That’s how we role.
  5. On your weekly schedule, fill in what each weekday might look like. Include your meal times, your devotion times, your prayer times, work outs, snacks, water drinking, and whatever else you need reminding of.
  6. (Optional): Make it all pretty so you can hang it on your kitchen window and it looks nice. 🙂 You could also print out two calendars. One calendar for food and water and one for a training regimen.

After you print off your calendar and fill it in, it might look something like this:


After filling it in, I wish I had just printed two and separated the workout plan from the eating plan. But I wasn’t about to redo it all for you crazy peeps. So mine is a little busy. That’s ok. It’s just for me, and it serves it’s purpose.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I need some major help. As I stated before, I just happen to be the least “fit” darling. So a little encouragement and maybe even a little companionship in my journey would me suuuuper amazing! I had four beautiful babies in the span of 5 years. It is hard to spend time taking care of myself. It is hard FINDING time to take care of myself. But my brain is going hazy and my butt is going crazy, so it’s time. So PLEASE join me, even if it is just saying a prayer for me from afar! I’ll take all the support I can get!

One final note: this can all be quite daunting for some. I’m wrapping all three components of my health into one big 30 day reset. If this isn’t for you, then zero in on your spiritual health. Dedicate 30 days to finishing those devotionals and Bible readings. Learn some hymns.

Jesus First, Darling!


P.S. Check back into our 30Day Reset page frequently to comment and give encouragement to me and others. Also, you can follow us on Pinterest for some workout ideas, some Whole30 recipes (that even kids might enjoy!), and some scriptural centering.  


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