Mental Mentality 

I don’t know what it is about bad moods but they seem to multiply like bunnies in spring.

If my husband is cranky. I’m cranky. 

If my daughter is cranky. I’m DEFINITELY cranky.

If I encounter a cranky person at the store, I grumble about the incompetence of the world.

If my dog is cranky… Well actually he’s always happy….

BUT THE POINT IS. It’s funny how mood is contagious. Not exactly a profound thing for me to say, right Ruth? Here’s the hard part, unlike the common cold-also a contagious thing- we have a little more control over our mood than, say, how often we may wash our hands. 

It doesn’t feel like it though.

I’m a wife and mother. I have to be constantly in control, because let’s face it, my husband has an enormous amount of gifts, but being clean, tidy, and remembering where he put his wallet or id is not one of them. So I spend all day running the house. And I love it! But being in control of my daily activities and being in control of my moods are two different things.

There are times where I’m so sour I visit those dark places where only my depression can take me. There are times I’m so anxious I begin to mentally shut down and my husband has to tell me what to do. How do I mediate between that? You learn to identify yourself. Almost 10 months ago my little one was born, and post partum depression made its appearance. It’s different than regular depression which made it a new experience for me, but being able to identify when my thoughts were monoploized by the “ppd” helped me regain control of my brain. Knowing when my anxiety keeps me from being able to talk helps me find the source of anxiety. When I know why I’m sloping downwards, it makes it easier to mentally fight for the right to be a positive Christian influence for my family. 

Your mood influences your day and productivity. Everyone knows that. BUT. It influences those around you too. Making an effort to identify your moods and readjust it to better your daily work, and ultimately the work you do for God, is an uphill battle no one is perfect at. 

Here’s what I do to identify my mood:

  1. Find the source: what caused this mood, even backtrack through your thought process if you have too
  2. If it’s a “bad mood” ask yourself if that’s truly you speaking (or thinking) or if it’s the bad mood
  3. Ask God for help. “Take this yoke from me Lord” 

These tips may seem obvious, but instead of forfeiting to your bad mood, FIGHT for your good mood. Fight for a gentle spirit willing to serve God. 



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