Neve Have I Ever….

Have you ever gotten up for the day and decided hooking up coffee to your veins was the most humane thing you could do that day?
Have you ever looked at your house and thought to yourself “I should do some deep cleaning today, where are the matches and lighter fluid?”
Have you ever planned an amazing meal and decided 10 minutes before supper that using your $10 for fun money would be best spent ordering a pizza?
Have you ever taken a shower so exhausted you have no recollection whether the shower even happened and you can’t figure out why your hair is wet?
Have you ever looked at piles of laundry and thought “this is a good time to donate our “gently used” items to the local consignment store”
Have you ever watched your husband out the window as he leaves for work and thought to yourself “well, there goes my last bit of sanity” as your child eats dog food behind you?
Have you ever gone days on end without deodorant and think you smell fine?

Have you ever laid in bed so excited to go to sleep that you can’t go to sleep?

Just wondering who the freaks are out there… Because I’m not one of them… Obviously…


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