Jump In


What do you do when three sisters become moms, two of them are already writing blogs, but the third gets jealous and wants in on the action? (This isn’t the opening to some horrible joke. Unless it is. Only time will tell.)

The Darling Girls was born out of a combined passion for motherhood, sisterly love, and Jesus. We also like cute things, yummy things, and funny things. So put on your big girl panties because this will be an emotional roller coaster for all of us, as motherhood and life this side of heaven tend to be.

We sisters aren’t anything special. We aren’t professional anythings. We don’t have much for jobs outside the home (and the jobs we do have involve working with more kids or more cleaning). We don’t have lots of money (or even an above average amount). We aren’t models. We aren’t super Pinterest moms. We can’t sing that great. We have imperfect marriages. We yell at our kids- and each other. We buy muffins from the grocery store for class birthday treats sometimes. We aren’t super thin. We sin.


And yet we sisters are the MOST SPECIAL. We love each other. We had an amazing upbringing by the most stellar parents you could imagine. We have beautiful babies. We have amazing, God-fearing husbands. We belong to Christ-centered, biblical congregations. We have wonderful homes. We have enough money. We have music in our homes. We have our health. We have blessings. We have trials (which ARE blessings). We have a Savior. We have an eternal home in heaven.


It doesn’t get any better than that, people.

Isn’t that what we all are? At the same time, not special and special. If you think you ARE super special. Check the mirror. Better yet the Bible, which will act like a mirror, and get over yourself. You’re no better than anyone else. And if you think you aren’t worth anything at all, check a mirror. And yes, check that Bible. There it tells you that YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS. You were bought at a price. And what a high price it was. You are indeed more valuable than you realize.


Each of us will specialize in a key area: mental health, spiritual health, and physical health. All unique needs, but all connected. We will share with you, and we invite you to share with us.





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